Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) is a media resource for individuals, organizations, community groups and institutions that are interested in new genre arts forms and practices. It is meant to serve as a platform for a variety of socially engaged art and design practices.



(SPAN) TOGETHER is an online survey and report aimed at providing richer quantitative data on how artists and culture workers are choosing to work in an expanded field (aka Socially Engaged Art, Community-Based Art, Public Practices, Participatory Arts, to name a few). In broad terms, this survey invites reflection on:


   - the 'shape' and 'scope' of your practice,

   - how and where you work,

   - who you are working with,

   - the primary audience for your work,

   - the tools and methodologies you employ, and

   - touches on the topic of funding, duration and work/life balance.


A huge thank you to the 560+ individuals that participated. 


Check out the very preliminary results.



By generating this broader aggregate body of knowledge that includes quantitative data, we will be better equipped to communicate the realities of our practices to funders, institutions and other stakeholders demonstrating an interest in working with socially and community engaged artists. 



All answers submitted were completely anonymous and combined with others' responses.



We are generating a report that will be available in Fall 2014.



We are delighted to be working with amazing people, projects and organizations from around the globe to disseminate the survey. Our deep thanks to these partners, and to the many colleagues who have volunteered to share the survey through their personal networks.


SPECIAL THANKS goes to Jen Delos Reyes, Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, Pato Hebert, Abigail Satinsky, Anne Bray, ArtQuest, Broodwork, Catherine Tutter, Christina Sanchez Juarez, Community Arts Network, Marisa Mazria Katz, Creative Time Reports, Lisa Deanne Smith, Dot to Dot Active Arts, Dlux Media, Ed Giardina, Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton, The Flux Factory, Janet Owen Driggs, Jason Schupbach, John Spiak, Kerri-Lynn Reeves, The Laundromat Project, Nancy Popp, Noah Coburn, Open Engagement, Stephen Pritchard and Tyler Los-Jones.


Our (SPAN) Together Survey Launch Partners



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