Our Fieldwork, Research and Projects


The (SPAN) TOGETHER SURVEY is an online survey and report aimed at providing richer quantitative data on how socially engaged artists and culture workers are choosing to work. In broad terms, this survey invites reflection on:


- the 'shape' and 'scope' of your practice,

- how and where you work,

- who you are working with,

- the primary audience for you work,

- the tools and methodologies you employ, and

- touches on the topic of funding and work/life balance.


For more information about the survey, please click here. 


This spring, (SPAN) participated in the Radical Archives Conference, a two-day conference organized around the notion of archiving as a radical practice. This conference was held at NYU in April 2014. 


(SPAN) had the opportunity to interview a range of radical artists, archivists and scholars to capture information about a range of methodologies in the field of radical archives. The session was designed as a peer-to-peer investigation to listen and learn more to what some of the key passions are in the community, and how this shapes the work specifically and the field at-large.


This session is part of a year-long (SPAN) Listening Tour, which will generate an archive dedicated to giving people access to an enriched cultural landscape as seen through groups of individuals that we talk to -- how they think and work. 


We look forward to sharing the transcribed interviews through the (SPAN) website in the near future.



The Field Report will reach out to other socially engaged artists by conducting a "Listening Tour" across the USA to produce a Field Report that reflects on interviews with artists using models of conflict resolution as an aspect of their creative work.



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