The (SPAN) Research Archive

The (SPAN) Research Archive consists of 12 distinct archives that have been created over a three-year time span through research and through the use of a content aggregation process.  


Material is added to these archives on a daily basis by the (SPAN) team.


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The archives are organized around the following topics:


Archive 1: Social Art Practice

Archive 2: Public Art RFQ and RFP’s

Archive 3: Place-making, Community-Building and Network Culture

Archive 4: Issues in Curatorial Practice as related to social art practices

Archive 5: Conferences on the Arts

Archive 6: Calls for Curators and Curatorial Research

Archive 7: Calls for Papers

Archive 8: Artist Opportunities

Archive 9: Art Organizations

Archive 10: Activism, Protest and Citizenship

Archive 11: Research List on Civic Media and Digital Culture

Archive 12: (SPAN) Listening Tour Interviews




Pablo Helguera: La Austral, S.A. de C.V. | International Studio & Curatorial Program (Mon, 16 Apr 2018)
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Thrive: Trauma-Informed Practice In Community-Engaged Art (Sat, 18 Nov 2017)
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Open Call SEA Foundation’s AiR Tilburg residence program 2018 (Tue, 18 Sep 2018)
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Open call for art critic/curator residencies | Transartists (Tue, 18 Sep 2018)
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Public Art Opportunites

Opportunities | Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art (Mon, 20 Aug 2018)
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Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison | Arts Tasmania (Mon, 20 Aug 2018)
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